Customer Service Representative

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Customer Service Representative

Job Description:  Customer Service Representative is appointed to serve the customer with the best service possible.  The representative is the main contact for their assigned customer accounts but not limited to these accounts.  This person is the daily representative of the company.  Their goal is to meet the customer’s needs in a friendly and professional manner which means knowing who and where to find the answers.  

Essential Job Functions:  

  1. Responsible for answering calls satisfying the customer’s inquiries with his/her best knowledge and experience
  2. Provide proper product and service information and in case of lack of knowledge, he/she has to research and get back with the customer with a timely reply
  3. Research and respond to customer order inquiries, expedite requests, inventory, sample requests, pricing/quote requests, issues, and complaints  
  4. Responsible for correctly entering customer’s inbounds, outbound orders, postings, and handling of paperwork for warehouse, drivers, and customers
  5. Responsible for keeping accurate customer inventory records and cycle counts
  6. Demonstrates an understanding of Pre-paid, Third Party, Collect freight requirements
  7. Follow-up on missing or delayed shipments and work with shipping/freight carriers to correct errors
  8. Work effectively with other staff members to accomplish work and departmental projects
  9. Cross-training in other customer accounts and departments
  10. Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, QuickBooks, and other company programs
  11. Accounting duties such as invoicing, filing of customer records and collections
  12. Any other job duties assigned by management


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