Why Optimized Drayage Services Happens With Confident Execution, Experience, Relationships & Tech


For the supply chain industry, drayage services bridge a gap needed for the transportation of goods. Drayage truck and other forms of intermodal shipping require more knowledge of the supply chain and its day-to-day operations. Drayage depends on concise, timely communication to be successful, in addition to the right technology to accommodate changes for functions that need more flexibility. The proper use of drayage services provides potentially profitable changes to any business. 

1. Drayage Depends on Clear Communication

For successful use of drayage services, communication is critical. Shippers not only want to choose the method that best suits their needs, but they also want the right combination of modes to get the goods to their final destination on time, according to JOC.com. Essentially, it does not matter how shipments reach their intended destination , as long as they arrive on time and intact. Because drayage just closes a gap within different modes of shipping, clear communication is imperative to coordinate between each transition of the load. 

2. Failure to Execute May Lead to Added Costs

It is vital to overcome supply chain hurdles that could prove to be costly for shippers and other stakeholders with a vested interest. Fees imposed on those who fail to execute a timely shipment may be responsible for detention or demurrage. These fines can happen at any point past the allotted time frame for shipments in their given slots. Delays in shipments are costly to the shippers and any others who become affected by the postponed cargo. 

3. Drayage Requires Advanced Knowledge of How Ports Operate 

Once shipments reach a port via ocean freight, drayage might be needed to get them to the next step. For shippers without prior knowledge of drayage services, ports can seem confusing. In addition to port knowledge, shippers must be familiar with intermodal shipping; drayage happens as a precursor or next step to rail, ground transport, or ocean shipping. Becoming more aware of these processes improves e-commerce shipping and other types of cargo transport. Finally, process and complexity varies from port to port. Transportation leaders should practice diligence with their providers ensuring that the provider understands the particular port of call at which the shippers goods are arriving. 

4. The Right Technology Enables Flexibility to Accommodate Changes in Arrival/Departures

As the year enters peak shipping season, finding the proper modes of transportation for shipments is crucial. Planning for drayage services requires robust  technology. The most compatible systems for drayage enable the flexibility needed to accommodate any changes in arrival or departure times. Automated systems and digital networks work best for these quick changes. The best dray providers automate workflows around critical dates and timelines like vessel ETA, last free day, and free time off terminal.

5. Strong Drayage Relationships Naturally Lend Themselves to Cost Reductions in Intermodal Transit

While e-commerce shipping and fulfillment continue to trend upward, finding the right relationships will naturally reduce costs in the long term. Building a network of reliable logistics experts who can navigate rail, ocean, OTR, or intermodal shipping will prove lucrative for those who use drayage services. Armed with knowledge, professionals continue to improve and provide on-time and in-full deliveries. 

Enhance Drayage Services by Choosing the Right Partner

The most effective way to gain the most reward from using drayage services is to find the right partner for the job. As well as having a strong knowledge base, the right partner will enhance the services offered and keep shippers happy. This will keep end-customers happy in return. Contact PortCity today for a quote.

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