Shipment Visibility From Container, to Drayage, to Inland Freight Is Critical to Proactive Management


When it comes to shipment visibility within the supply chain network, drayage and freight management go hand in hand to provide proactive and productive management options. From shipping to a warehouse within inland transportation through drayage shipping, many working pieces have to come together and work in unison. Real-time technology and management are critical to continued success and growth. Good visibility and supply chain transparency make it all possible.

Why a Lack of Full Shipment Visibility Increases Risk and Leads to Problems

There are many reasons why visibility is critical to the day-to-day operations of supply chain networks. When visibility is lacking, problems arise because consumer needs are not being met and addressed adequately. To better understand consumers’ expectations, Digital Commerce 360 conducted a survey and found:

  • 93% of consumers and shipping managers want current and on-demand access to transit updates.
  • 47% of respondents said they would not purchase from a brand with poor delivery visibility.
  • 44% said brands, in general, are lacking in acceptable delivery practices and experiences.
  • 98% said delivery services and reliability makes up the bulk of their brand loyalty criteria.

At the heart of all of these issues is a lack of visibility within shipment and transportation services. Addressing problems such as these requires innovative solutions and an overall improvement in shipment tracking and freight visibility. 

Complete Shipment Visibility Adds Value and Improves Throughput

One of the most impactful features of shipment visibility is how it can help improve throughput and improve functionality throughout the entire supply chain. When end-to-end transparency and visibility are improved, the network as a whole can benefit from drayage and other transportation services. Productivity increases, the quality of services improves, customer satisfaction rises, and profit margins climb when visibility is maintained in a way that allows for practical use and adaptability. This allows for greater functionality and adaptability to improve efficiency and application within day-to-day operations. 

Exploring Other Top Benefits of Drayage Shipment Visibility

The benefits of improved drayage truck visibility and shipment transparency can be far-reaching and genuinely impactful for the modern supply chain network. Drayage supplies a critical connection between ocean container shipping and the distribution network. It helps ensure timely unloading and distribution of goods so they can get out into the marketplace quicker. Incorporating drayage services into normal supply chain operations can help companies maintain a clear competitive advantage. Other benefits of improved visibility within shipping networks include: 

  • Decreased Expenses – Good visibility reduces errors and redundancy, which lowers costs.
  • Increased Efficiency – Routine operations can be streamlined and improved upon more quickly.
  • Improved Security – Technological visibility enhances security measures within the network. 
  • Greater Accuracy – With clear visibility and transparency, shippers can improve upon shipment detail accuracy.
  • Faster Communication – Shipment automation allows for better communication options.
  • Automated Access – Improved access helps managers overcome supply chain hurdles.
  • Heightened Satisfaction – Customer satisfaction and results are greatly improved.

These are just some ways shipment visibility can help improve end-to-end productivity and drayage services within the supply chain network. 

Increase Proactive Management with Drayage Shipment Visibility

For increased visibility within the supply chain network, drayage and freight management can help to provide optimal services. Many working pieces make up the modern supply chain network; each one is essential and dependent on good visibility and communication with every other system in the network. Good visibility and supply chain transparency make it all possible, so contact PortCity today to get started. 

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